Strive for Character.

Strive for Excellence.


SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

Students are accepted, regardless of race, nationality, or creed.


MGC New Life believes that faith in God should be first and foremost above all. That from faith – salvation, good works, and a commitment to the Great Commission can be brought about.


The school believes that a commitment to excellence as well as a good measure of a Christian’s obedience to the God-given mandate to do his best, is necessary for proper nation building.


Any true success of an individual is measured not by his achievements but measure of a Christian’s obedience

to the God-given mandate to do his best, is necessary for proper nation building by how he carried himself towards success. Because God measures success by a person’s character, we encourage our students to continually improve their character by following God’s leading in every aspect of their lives.


In accordance with the school’s vision, MGC New Life believes in training Godly servant-leaders, who will emulate Christ in all of their endeavors, living a life of a true disciple.


MGC New Life

God is anything but boring.  As beautiful and rugged as the landscape He has created, so will He let His beloved experience the rocky terrain and the calming shores. Through torturous twists and vast plains, His beloved rides in His wings to reach glorious peaks only to be dropped in thorn-filled valleys and then once again scooped up into safety of His bosom – exhilarated and breathless, but nonetheless thankful.


MGC New Life Christian Academy is bound by its commitment to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to train up children to become God-fearing and socially responsible young adults through high-quality Christian education based on biblical truths and principles.


A leading school recognized for developing

learners to become excellent in academics and character, who will be CHRISTIAN LEADERS that will make a difference in the 21st Century.